Ancestry Records

Draft registrations cards are a great source for information on ancestors.  From the 1942 World War II Draft Registration Card.  I learned that William Gilbert Simpson, my great grandfather, lived at 609 South Fairfax Street in Alexandria, Virginia. He was born on 10 Nov 1888 and was age 53 at the time he signed the card. His wife, my great grandmother, was Marie (Virgie Marie) and he worked with the Simpson Brothers Contractors.

Shown in the picture above, a 1917 World War I Draft Card documents William Gilbert living in the County of Fairfax, Virginia where he was farming. I know from previous research that he lived in the Mt. Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia area with his parents William Gilbert Sr. and Jennett Simpson, my 2nd great grandparents in the year 1910. The year he met and married Virgie Marie.

My great grandfather William Gilbert Jr was first a farmer after marrying Virgie, in Fairfax County. He and Virgie moved to Alexandria City by 1920 where William Gilbert Sr. was a foreman at a shipyard, and then by 1930 a steele worker in the industry Iron Works. Somewhere in between being a shipyard foreman and a steele worker my great grandfather and great grandmother had son William Franklin Simpson Sr., my grandfather.

By the time my great grandfather William Gilbert Jr. signed the 1942 WW II Draft Card my grandfather, William Franklin Sr.,  was married and my father William Franklin Simpson Jr. was on the way!

A collection of draft cards, a few census records, and some city directories helped put together the life of my ancestors. When I venture further into their lives I may find land deeds to learn exactly where they resided in Fairfax County!

Get to know your family history by searching for records like those above. You can become the family historian!


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