A little background

From accross the water they came and met new loves to create this wonderful family.

William Franklin Simpson Jr, called Frank, or Frankie Boy married Linda Ellen Taber. They met in Virginia while Linda was in Lee High School. Dad, yes Dad, I am their first born, was born in Alexandria, Virginia and is the son of William Franklin  Simpson Sr, Bill as he was called, was born in 1923 and died in 2001, and Margaret Louis Rogers 1927-1981. Bill was a mason or as it would likely have been called years past freemason. He had a talent for restoring historical brick work like chimneys, porches, or anything really that needed repair. He built houses including his last residence.  Margaret stayed home and raise four children before she passed. She had the biggest most expressive dark brown eyes of anyone I’ve ever met. She laughed loud and drank a lot! There are many mini stories to be told about the two but for now I’ll move onto Linda’s parents.

Howard Stephen Taber 1915- 1982, and Clarissa Alwina Fogg 1914-1964, met and married in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut. He was born in Plainfield, Connecticut and she also in Connecticut. Howard worked various jobs before joining the US Marines. Clarissa like Margaret Rogers above stayed at home. She raised eight children. It was Howard’s career in the Marines that brought the Taber family to Virginia and eventually to how Frank and Linda met. According to the living Taber children, life was rough growing up and I’ll tell their mini stories as I post new blogs about them and our ancesters.


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