Benjamin Taber’s wife Mary Jordan

The struggle to find where Benjamin Taber   b. 1794 and Mary Jordan his wife were buried is ongoing. However, the little leaves on have popped up, through which I have found the following information on Mary Jordan my fifth generation grandmother from Coventry, Rhode Island and her family.

Now Mary married Benjamin Taber who was from Sterling, Windham, Connecticut. They had son Edward S Taber, Civil War Veteran, who had son Edward Luther Taber, the painter, who had son Edward S Taber, the painter, and then son Howard Taber, USMC, my grandfather from my mother’s side.

Let’s get back to Mary Jordan Taber, to my amazement after having difficulty finding information on Mary; her family tree begins with Edward Jordan (1585-1634) and Elizabeth Broughton (1584-1637) both from England who together had son Robert Jordan who married Miss Cokers. They together had son Reverend Robert Jordan who married Sarah Winters the only daughter/child of John and Joan Broaden Winters.

Reverend Robert Jordan married Sarah Winters on Richmond’s Island and at the death of Sarah’s father, John Winters, Reverend Robert Jordan was made administer of his estate.

Reverend Robert Jordan became one of the great land proprietors and a wealthy man. He sold the property of Trelawney and moved to the mainland on Mr. John Winter’s estate. The plantation was named Spurwink. At the time the land was Falmouth and then after named Cape Elizabeth. He was one of the pioneers of Episcopacy of Maine. Like many others Reverend Jordan was compelled to leave Spurwink due to the Indians. He left in a hurry and left many of his papers behind. He then settled on the Great Island which was New Castle, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Source: The Jordan memorial : family records of the Rev. Robert Jordan, and his descendants in America [database on-line]. Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005.

Original data: Jordan, Tristram Frost,. The Jordan memorial : family recordsof the Rev. Robert Jordan, and his descendants in America. unknown: unknown, 1882.

Reverend Robert Jordan and Sarah Winters had son Jedediah Jordan in Cumberland, Cape Elizabeth, Maine in 1664. He married Abigail Gardiner, b.1660 also from Cape Elizabeth. Jedediah died in 1735 and Abigail in 1686, he in Kittery, York, Maine, and she in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Jedediah Jordan had son Robert Jordan b. 1704 in Kittery, York, Maine. He married first Rorahama Abbey and had daughter Sarah Jordan. Robert Jordan married second Rachel Huckins b. Dec 1707 in Dover, Stafford, New Hampshire. Her parents were Robert Huckins b. 12 December 1672 at Oster River, New Hampshire and Welthen Thomas b. 1674. Robert Huckin’s parents were James Huckins b. 1644 in Dover b. 1654, and Sarah Burnham, both from Dover, New Hampshire. They married in 1685. Sarah’s parents were Robert Burnham and Francis Hill. James Huckin’s father was also named Robert, wife unknown at this time.

History is fantastic and for those who foolishly call it uninteresting here’s a good story from the past.  Mary Jordan’s great-great grandfather on her great grandmother’s side had a garrison-house on Oster River settlement in New Hampshire where they were ambushed by Indians in 1689. Eighteen men were killed by the Indians as they worked in the fields. They were all buried under a mound that still existed in 1910. After the Indians killed the eighteen they attacked the garrison- house where two boys, one of which was Robert Huckins, and some women and other children defended their homestead. The Indians set fire to the roof but promised to spare the lives of all in the house. Yet, they killed three or four of the children and had carried away the rest including Robert Huckins who escaped the next day.

I can almost hear Mary Jordan Taber my grandmother from five generations ago tell this family story to her children and grandchildren, that her great-great grandfather was captured but escaped after the Indians killed most his family members.

Story found on source: Robert Huckins of the Dover Combination and some of his Descendants; A Reprint with Corrections and Considerable Additions Including One More Generation, Maps and Indexes of the Article Bearing this Subtitle published in The New England Historical Society and Genealogical Register 1913-1915.

So, Robert Jordan married Rachel Huckins whose father fought and escaped the attack by the Indians and together they had son Edmond Jordan Sr. b. 1729 in Spurwink, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. He married Lydia Parker b. 14 April 1731 in Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island. Both died in Coventry, he on 3 June 1811, and she in 1810. Together they had son Edmond Jordan Jr. b. 15 March 1758 in Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island.

This Edmond Jordan Jr. married Elizabeth Greene b. 14 March 1756 in Exeter, Rhode Island. They both died in Coventry, he on 5 June 1835 and she on 15 January 1839. They are the parents of Mary Jordan b. 1797 and died in Coventry, Rhode Island. Mary married Benjamin Taber from Sterling, Windham Connecticut. Robert and Rachel Huckins Jordan, Mary’s grandparents didn’t live to see Mary and Benjamin wed on 4 March 1814 but father and mother, Edmond and Elizabeth, were alive and living in Coventry were the marriage took place (Marriage Source; Vital records of RI 1st series, birth, marriage, deaths, a family registry for the people).

Generations starting 1585-1982

Edward Jordan-Elizabeth Broughton

Robert Jordan-Sarah Winter

Jedediah Jordan-Abigail Gardiner

Robert Jordan-Rachel Huckins

Edmond Jordan-Lydia Parker

Edmond Jordan-Elizabeth Greene

Mary Jordan-Benjamin Taber: Where are they buried?

Edward S Taber-Mary Phillips

Edward Luther Taber-Isabella Hay

Edward S Taber-Johanna Donahue

Howard S Taber-Clarissa Fogg


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