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Thank you Aunt Sharon!

A brick wall. That’s what I hit when searching for my great grandmother’s family. Johanna Donahue, I had found,  father’s name was Charles F. Donahue.  He lived with Johanna and her family during the early 1900’s. Johanna also had two sisters, Nora V., and Sarah Donahue. I was told Nora, or Nona never married and didn’t have any information on Sarah or Sadie, yes I worked off nick names, it took me days to figure out their formal first names. An so there I was, that’s all I had, except that Charles and Nora was born in Massachusetts.

My aunt Sharon searched through her keep sakes and found an obituary for Nora! She will send a copy. The information is gold. My great Aunt Nora was born in Blackstone, Massachusetts as was all the girls, Johanna and Sarah included. Their mother’s name was Bridget Faircloth Donahue, and her father was Flurence? I asked was that Nora’s father? No she said that was Bridget’s father, Flurence Faircloth.

I’ll have to see the document but as of right now Charles Donahue married Bridget Faircloth whose father’s name was Flurence. All on the obit. I can’t wait to see it! My brick wall is crumbling.